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“Luvvie” [ pronounced: ‘Love – ee’]

It’s a British term of endearment/affectionate name we call each other across the pond!

Try Our Signature Cookie!
Oatmeal, Chocolate Chips, & Walnuts
These mouthwatering cookies are crunchy yet chewy and "Oh so delicious!"
Afternoon tea with rose cupcakes served on vintage china
Wow Your Guest with High Tea
Add a Touch of Class to Your Next Event!
Bring this British Tradition to the comforts of your home.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with something delightfully delicious!

Here are some of the yummy things customers are saying about Luvvie’s Delights!

Luvvie’s Delights are the best cookies I have ever eaten! There’s just the right mixture of ingredients and they literally melt in your mouth. Move over Mrs. Fields — these cookies are far superior!!

Laurie J.

Hands down the best cookie ever! These amazing treats give you the perfect sweet, chocolatey, crunchy, yet chewy experience you'll ever enjoy!

Cheryl S.

I was very 'delighted' to taste Luvvie's Delight cookies. Yummy! They were literally the BEST I've ever tasted...and I've tasted a lot! Being a self-proclaimed 'cookie connoisseur', these cookies did not disappoint! Everyone I know will be getting some this Christmas! (That's if I feel like sharing)


AMAZING! I can not get enough of these cookies! Crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. They are addicting, so much so that although I was halfway through a 30-day sugar fast I tasted just a bite and ended up going back for 3 more!

Leanne S.

Addicting, tasty, melt in your mouth cookies! Once you've tasted them you'll know what we are raving about!

Melanie S.

"Having been raised by my grandma, I was spoiled and grew up with great home-cooked meals and desserts. Marva's Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are so yummy, each bite takes me back down memory lane to when I was a kid. Thanks, Marva!"

Teresa P.

Marva's cookies are addictive! You've been warned! So delicious!


Luvvie's Delights are one of the most memorable and delicious cookies I've ever tasted! Delightfully crisp and chewy, these little marvels perfectly balance flavors of butter, brown sugar, chocolate, and nuttiness for a true taste sensation. As a chef, flavor, and texture mean everything to me and these cookies achieve that in spades! Thank you.

Chef Onil

You haven’t lived until you have tasted the Magnificent Marva’s Signature Oatmeal Cookie, not to mention the other tasty treats, delights, and tempting desserts she creates with precision, attention to detail, and lots of love. I’m placing my orders for Thanksgiving and Christmas, l must make sure that l don’t keep them for myself ❤️

Georgina O.

I'm a huge fan of Ginger! Marva's Ginger molasses cookies are so good . 😊

Lorna W.

“YALL, YALL, YALL, YALL, YALL!!! Yeah!! I said it 5 times!! Cuz “Luvvie’s Delights” are straight from Heaven in all manner of deliciousness.😁Every pastry she creates literally makes you shake your bowed head with your eyes closed & hand over your heart in a happy pause for a moment of scrumptious bliss!!😌😩😝🥰 Don’t take my word for it. See for yourselves & place your year’s end Holiday orders pronto for home & as easy no-fuss edible gifts”!!🎁🥳

Eileen C.

"These cookies are a great gift for any occasion and even for a yummy treat for yourself. I ordered the traditional with nuts and was so pleased with the crispy yet chewy flavor of chocolate and oatmeal. The packaging was well crafted, elegant, and my order arrived very fast."


"So Delicious! I ate half the cookies right out of the shipping box."

Arnold FitzPatrick

Marva’s cookies are addicting!! They are so good that you can easily eat a dozen at once. We like the originals (Signature Cookies) because of the marvelous mix of oats, chocolate, and nuts. And the new ones, Ginger Molasses are amazing as well. The chewiness of the ginger and all of the spices in it make the cookies perfect for the holidays.

Chef Alberto and Carolina

Warning! You will not stop at one. I brought a box as a treat for my husband & 2 sons, who are snobs when it comes to food. It was gone within hours. I plan to give them as gifts!

Shirley C R

I order the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies every holiday season for my clients and team members. They are always a big hit!! And of course I keep a few dozen for myself: ) they make a great gift, addition to any party and just a great comfort food for anytime

Lisa Alvarardo

“ The only bad part of Luvvie’s Delights cookies is eating the last bite”

Chef Claud Beltran

These cookies baffle me. I thought I knew myself. I don’t like oatmeal cookies. I don’t like crunchy cookies. I’m a soft cookie type of girl. But somehow the flavor, texture and crunch of these cookies has overridden all that I thought I knew about myself and have become one of my FAVORITE cookies of all times! I can’t even believe it. Marva has found the perfect balance of sweet and salty, crunchy and soft, that it makes you want more and more. She brought some to my wedding a year ago and I STILL have people asking me about them. You will crave these cookies! Mark my words!!’

Aidan Rowe Davis